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Bevel Node Not Working As Expected

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The cycles4d bevel node does not match the blender cycles equivalent?
(i.e. it is not working as expected).

I tried modifying samples and radius but to no avail.

You can check an illustration of the problem here:

You can check the file here:


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@heavyhouse responded

@bentraje yeah it's definitely not functioning 100% how it should although it is converting it part way through the HSV node. For a temp fix throw a color ramp after your HSV and do something like this to it: https://i.imgur.com/9SJarP2.png(edited)
[2:18 AM]
Actual do this one (My value was reduced in the one above): https://i.imgur.com/BuCdy1a.png
[2:19 AM]
The bevel node still works correctly for beveling an object just not in this case where you are trying to pull it as a matte I am guessing

The solution works in my use case.

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