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Cache resets the simulation (or itself)

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Upon trying to cache a simulation the cache seems to reset itself to a zero state. 

Here is a single cache (25 frames) I did just now: screen_2020-04-06_19-27-02.png


Highlighted are the files that are back to be small in size. 

You can see the timestamp of the files: the sim took 9 minutes, the cache reset itself 2 times.

Happens quite often. Maybe it has to do something with RAM in the workstation? Is it not enough for the sim maybe?

I can't build complex simulations this way as it resets itself.

The 1.1kbyte files all contain this: screen_2020-04-06_19-32-02.png

Thanks in advance!

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I have the Same problem with ExplosiaFX. In random frame he restart's particle calculation 

I have Large scane with 0.02 cm voxel size And I think the problem is in memory

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