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Smoke color from object (or custom color)

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I'm trying to mix 2 smokes in one scene (they touch and are not separate).

Both are coming from different objects: 2 spheres.

I'd like the smokes to have 2 different colors.

The standard approach where I put a single "volume material" on the only xpExplosiaFX object only produces a single-colored smoke for both smokes.

To my best knowledge, the xpExplosiaFX starts to generate smoke from all "xpExplosiaFX source" tags, so no include/exclude options here as far as I know, hence I can't use two different xpExplosiaFX

What I managed to do so far is to have the smokes be colored via the XpExplosia display's tab color. 
Like this: screen_2020-03-31_12-39-24.png

But this is for the editor view only, does not show in render.

A possible logical next step would be to grab/get this color data and transfer it to a single shader but I just can't get the how. Any ideas for this?

If not, I'd ask 2 more general questions:
- how can we get 2 different colored smokes in one scene?
- Is it possible to emit smoke from an object that has the color of the object's surface (even texture)?

Thanks in advance!



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Key for this is that you activate colour within ExplosiaFX -> solver .  Looks like you did so already.

Next is for the cycles volume shaders use EFX colour within point density nodes ....

Within EFX source tag you can activate colour from shader and use a texture. Match that with your object´s material texture (copy/paste )


smoke colouredc4d.c4d

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This is great. Did you manage to add more density to the smoke so that it appears thicker like in the standard EFX smoke basic material?



Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 16.37.56.png

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