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xpCover issues - Butterflies landing/taking off

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Hi Everyone,

Just running into some issues with the xpCover modifier. I am trying to simulate a flock of butterflies landing on a surface and then taking off.


I decided to xpCover to simulate the butterflies landing, with a bit of turbulence to break up the motion. No problems there. However once the particles have covered the geometry, seemingly nothing will shift them off. I've tried wind, turbulence, speed, direction, switching the modifier off, changing groups via questions/answers etc but they seem to be stuck on.

I'm aware the xpCover modifier has Velocity & Force modes, and it seems that Force mode is what I want in order to shift the particles but that seems to have had little effect.

Any thoughts/tips?

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And here is a version with one emitter - so you can see how to set up the appropriate questions.

Key is, you have to start first cover with a question - frame >0 to make everything action controlled (particle cover sphere question).

But it´s more tricky 🙂

Problem - you want alignment to travel direction while flying and surface alignment upon landing. But there is an axis problem.

Alignment to surface normal requires Z axis up - but that causes wrong orientation while travelling towards target if you choose tangential orientation within emitter which would be preferable.

So you have to orientate butterfly´s z-axis up and set rotation for emitter to fixed value to get correct attitude while flying towards first target.

Whenever you like you can release the butterflies from first target. I have choosen another question for age (cover sphere.1 question) this one terminates cover mod and same time activates a limited (by field/falloff) Attractor that pushes the butterflies away from the first target. but now they would travel orientated as alignment has been - not desirable. So there is a spin mod limited by field/falloff not to interfer with nex alignment procedure activated same time that orientates them back to travel direction and last another cover mod is activated to provide a new target to travel to ...


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