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can't make geometry generated by xparticles collide with smoke

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Hi All, 

I can't make my cubes generated by xpgenerator collide with smoke.

Here's my setup: screen_2020-03-25_16-53-08.png

From bottom to top: 
- Sphere is used to generate smoke
- XpExplosiaFX  generates smoke. (visible, looking good, etc)
- Xpemitter is placed near smoke, shoots particles towards smoke (particles go through visible smoke)
- XpGenerator makes particles be Cubes
- Cubes visible, they have volume, many vertices, etc.
- XpExplosiaFX Collider set to solid, pressure: 10, VelocityMult: 100%.  Tried putting this tag to cube, xpemitter, etc. But nothing: what I see is that the cubes and smoke ignore each other.

Is this a limitation or a bug or am I doing something wrong?


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put generator below a connect object and give the collider tag to the connect object. Raise pressure a lot to see impact.

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Here´s the file for the first method - direct collision. I gave up caching after an hour - rest time raising from 1 to more that 3 getting to 40 % but direct render seems to be fine, expect vid in about 1 1/2 hours or so ...

particle vs explosia2.c4d

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