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Multiple GPUs (under win10)

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Hi All, 

The other day I tried to render with 2 gpus in my workstation, both being an nvidia GTX1050ti. 
My win10 discovered both, it was listed in various system info and also in the task manager as being available with the right drivers.

However during cycles4d's realtime preview and during final render (with cycles4d engine of course), only one of the GPUs were utilized, the other card (which was the additional card) was idle.

Did I miss to set up something or is there a special setting I should set either in windows or in c4d or in cycles?
Couldn't find anything upon searching. 

Thanks so much in advance for any replies!

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Sorry, cannot say. But you should not rely on MS task manager. Mine would just not show any workload on my second gpu no matter how hard it rendered. That said MSI Afterburner shows it all.
For those of you with ignominious multi GPU (I run GTX 970 with RTX 2070): I found that most of the time rendering my 2070 was idle waiting for the 970 to finish its bucket before starting the next bucket itself. For me the trick was to NOT setting the bucket size as large as possible but really small. With 32x32 my 2070 almost has no waiting idle time anymore. And despite all info out there in the web: even with only one card running smaller bucket sizes gave me performance plus of maybe 7-10% (on both the 970 and 2070).




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