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[Material] Fresnel input node falloff

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Hi there, 

My first post here. 🙂

I see the Fresnel material has an IOR settings and that's all there is to it basically. This looks like this with an ior of 0.57, that is, very sharp/constrasty : screen_2019-12-28_16-02-37.png

However, I'd like something smooth like this, which I can do with the built-in c4d falloff shader, which is nice and smooth (due to its customizable gradient):



Is there a way to have this level of customization for the falloff (or fresnel) gradient with Cycles4d?

If so, how can it be achieved?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Use a Color Ramp rather than a MixRGB, then you'll have fine control over the gradient. Customise the white and black levels with the Color Ramp rather than the IOR too

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