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Way to create a animated alpha gradient for wipe on?

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I've been asked to create something similar to this video at 00:09 https://vimeo.com/332026043

I'm 90% there - but the problem is I achieved it in Physical, rather than Cycles. I used an animated gradient in the alpha channel to wipe the bottle on, with another material for the 'threads'. Except when I convert these materials into Cycles they break horribly.

Is there a way in Cycles to create a gradient map similar to my workaround in Physical?

I've looked at Blender Cycles tutorial for the past 6 hours, trying to find an explaination of what I need, found similar but nothing quite right.

Attached is my scene file.


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Here's an example scene. It's animated with a Cycles mapping node, and relies on very specific UVs and gradient. Because of this, it's best to do this as a render pass and transition the object in compositing program. There are plenty of other ways to achieve this in C4D


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