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Ollie Hooper

Weighting cloth

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Hi guys,  I've created a room with large hanging curtains. Everything is set up and working okay, but I was wondering if there was a way I could control how much of the cloth gets blown about. Ideally, I want more of the bottom to move rather than the whole cloth. I tried using the Dampen but that affects the whole thing and it ends up moving around like cardboard. 


I'm using X-Particles 4 on c4d. 


Many thanks for any guidance. 



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you could use a vertexmap and data map the strength of the wind or turbulence etc to that


Or you could set a group of the particles using a change group to be the particles that get motion. 

or use a falloff from the modifier to effect only an area of the mesh.

plenty of options 🙂

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