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Backplate Doesn't Match Camera Resolution

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Here's a screen shot of my problem. I used the camera calibrator to match perspective on a stock image. I'm trying to composite these together and I've gotten everything to work, but the image does  not line up where it's suppose to. It should align with edge of the camera border. I've set the resolution in the render settings and in the background material. So I'm not sure why it's not lining up correctly? Does anybody have an idea what I'm missing?



Background Material.png

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So this is going to sound crazy and I am definitely going to submit a bug report, you should as well. The window mapping is actually being based off the size of your real-time preview window. Change the aspect of your real-time preview window by increasing the size of your material area, you are basically trying to get rid of the grey overlay that shows up over your image in the real-time preview window. This will get you the results you are looking for. It does not affect the render, so as long as your render settings are correct the image would render out at the correct aspect ratio.

Another way to see what is happening is to solo the window texture coordinate output and then start resizing your real-time preview window. Hope that helps!

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