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X particles Dynamics Collisions

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I am trying to emulate glitter hitting and spraying across a surface. I place a collider tag on a plane and a dynamics tag on a generator object with my glitter particle as the child.

Random rotation is also turned on in the emitter. As you can imagine the glitter particles fall to the surface thanks to the dynamics tag. However, I can never get the particles to actually touch the surface.

They all seem to float a few pixels above it, never touching the surface. This is every evident with a scene with lights as the shadows show underneath the glitter particles. I've heard that changing the radius in the dynamics tag should fix this but it does not. Changing the radius here to anything less than 0.5 crashes the simulation. from 0.5 to 1 radius makes the simulation run slower but doesn't fix the issue.

I've managed to get the desired effect with native C4D particles but was hoping to use X-Particles to achieve this  - can anyone please help? I've attached a simple scene with a screenshot illustration the issue

369704426_ScreenShot2019-09-09at22_49_54.thumb.png.37361eb2012d77fc621d6600faf7f7f3.pngMany thanks!


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