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Tearing Cloth on Text

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Hi all, was hoping someone could help me?! 

I've got two text objects, imported as Illustrator files with extrudes. I'm trying to get one of the text objects (as a cloth) to tear and billow outwards, revealing the another text object underneath that'll have an emission material on it. 

No matter what I do, I can't get the text that's enabled as the cloth, to tear properly, even with tear selected. I was inspired by the 2018 Showreel that demonstrates the idea I'm trying to achieve (attached screen grabs)

If anyone can help it'll save my bacon!




TEAR 2.c4d

Reference 1.PNG

Reference 2.PNG

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you can´t expect to get a nice cloth and tear from those few polygons.

To get it work, change your caps to quads, regular subdivision. I adapted the points of the splines as well to be regular subdivided so I can get some nice quads on the caps.

Compare your extrude.1 to my Deckfläche1.1 and you´ll see the difference.

Now you can make cloth to such a polygon and paint your tearlines desired as a vertexmap .

Tear strength should be low as you have painted tear lines on the vertexmap, it will easily tear there and not anywhere - if you drag you vertexmap to that slot (missing in your file as well).

Not all parts are falling off here, you´ll have to play with bounce and friction, or better use a soft wind from behind if everything is to be revealed ,...



TEAR 3.c4d

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Hi Lothar,

Thanks a lot man, appreciate it - pretty new to this (I expect that's obvious!)


Cheers 🙂 

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