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Cycles4D does not respect phong shading?

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This is referred to in the Cycles manual (when rendering a sphere primitive):


The line between the light and dark areas of the sphere (this is the 'terminator' line) is jagged. This is a feature of all unbiased render engines and other such engines have the same problem. To fix this, we can increase the polygon subdivision. In the sphere object, increase the segments to 72 and re-render.

You can also fix this by adding a cyObject, and then adding subdivisions in the Displacement tab (effectively adding more polygons at render time)


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Thanks for the pointing out. 
No, I don't use the sphere primitive but I guess the quote/documentation above still applies. 

I guess, the only solution is adding subd(as you mentioned). I just don't like doing it since it will take unnecessary memory. 
But since this is a limitation to the unbiased, it can't be helped. 

Thanks again! Have a great day ahead!

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