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Fluid PDB vs Fluid FX vs FLIP Domain

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I need to create an animation of an object falling into a body of wate rand I'm confused as to what is the best method in X-Particles to achieve this effect.

The manual states the difference between Fluid PDB and Fluid VX, but what about the FLIP domain? when and why would someone want to use it and what advantages/disadvantages does it have over the other techniques?


Many thanks!

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As far as I understand, FLIP domain is deprecated used only for legacy scenes. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
At most, you should use the other two option

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it mainly depends on your scene scale and the look you want to achieve.

My tool of choice is FluidFX as it is very well able to create small-scale and large scale liquids combined with xpFoam. Unlike the Flip Domain it is not limited to any boundary box and it also works very well with the new xpSheeter to create thin sheets.

Have a look at the homepage and hover over those gifs, you can see the differences quite well and all examples on the page below are created with FluidFX:




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