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[help] with speckled/freckled plasticky shader

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Hey guys,

could anyone give me a hand on how to achieve a "plasticy speckled shader" with cycles4d?
But I want the spots to be more like metal/glossy flakes and in three different (but specific) colors.

Somewhat for reference: 

Any better solutions instead of stacking some mixed shaders, or any other hints? 🙂
This is where I'm at:
CINEMA_4D_1S8mV4CARD.thumb.png.4b22d6af7b888d679845e66804a62022.png   CINEMA_4D_n0kprK7BvJ.thumb.png.3f3d23e174b80acdebd505b7792614ea.png


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Instead of using a diffuse and a glossy material in your mix shader you should use a Principled BSDF for both of them. In the bottom one change the color to the magenta tone that you have and drag the Metallic slider to 1, add a bit of roughness, this will be your flakes. For your other just use the default principled shader with just a very small amount of roughness to imitate the plastic. Metals always show up better if you are using and HDRI to light your scene unless you are setting up a bunch image planes with emissive textures to imitate a studio look.

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