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Steve Pedler

Shared Uploads Terms of Use - Please Read Carefully

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Welcome to the Shared Uploads sub-forum. This is intended for users to upload things they want to share with other X-Particles users, such as XP presets, scene files, etc.

Please read the terms of use below. Your use of this forum indicates that you understand and accept these terms.


The Rules

1. What you can upload

You may upload the following assets:

* Cinema 4D scene files where X-Particles is used
* X-Particles presets saved by the preset system in XP
* Python scripts for use with X-Particles

If your files are large, or the asset contains multiple files, please zip them up and upload the .zip file.

2. What you should not upload

Please don't upload:

* your renders and animations created with X-Particles, these belong in the main forums
* Cinema 4D files and assets which don't have anything to do with X-Particles - whatever you upload must be relevant

3. What you must NOT upload (and which may get you banned)

DO NOT upload:

* commercial material or material derived from a commercial source; for example, if you obtain an asset from a paid-for book or online tutorial, you cannot upload it here
* assets derived from public domain material where the licence does not allow you to upload it to other sites
* software of any kind or any other executable file
* material which has been pirated or which is obscene, defamatory, illegal or in any other way likely to be harmful to other users or to INSYDIUM LTD, as determined by us

4. Screening

All uploads are screened by the moderators BEFORE becoming avaialble to other users.


Other than that, feel free to upload your assets here.


The Management

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