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Wolf Soujon

Team Render does not recognize Cycles plugin SOLVED

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Hello there,

I can't get Cycles to work with Team render under R19. (C4D on Windows 10, Team Render Client on Windows 7) Everything is fine locally and Team Render does work in principle but does not seem to recognize Cycles (and apparently X-particles, for that matter). I tried both Plugin Folder Options (App and Roaming) No luck.

My Software supplier told me, that I can use 3 Nodes in total with the license I bought. It says "License Seat Count: 1" in the invoice and I understand that refers to the actual Plugin "seats" within the Cinema 4D app and not the Team render nodes.  20(40) cores in my RenderCube are hungry for some Cycles rendering. Does anyone have a clue?

Any help greatly appreciated, Wolf


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mhh… I'm new to this forum and havent't figured out yet, how to edit my own post. Anyway. I found out what was missing - the Microsoft vcredist_x64. Fresh Windows 10 Installation and only R19 on it. Installed vcredist_x64 and now it works like a charm.

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