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I can't get xpDrag to affect my particles.

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I've been trying to use xpDrag to give a natural slowdown to my particles, but when I add the modifier nothing happens. I try changing all the settings in the modifier and nothing happens. I've tried creating a fresh scene file with just a plain particle setup, and it still doesn't work. I've tried a ton of other modifiers and they seem to be working fine.  Is there something I'm doing wrong?

C4D R20, X-Particles 4.0.0642, iMac Pro 2017, High Sierra 10.13.6

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you should have added a scene, but I´ll try to explain with mine  😉

I´ve added a fluid fx just for some funny effect, it it not necessary, you can switch it off as well.

So first thing to consider - if you use air as a media and a sphere which are default, don´t expect too much impact. Do you feel air acting against a motion of your hand ? Only if your hand´s speed is very very high 🙂

This way I have chosen cube as a reference and upped the force factor to 3000 % which gets a good noticeable loss of speed over time. You can see that from the particle colour gradient that is set to show speed. Asking for a speed below 50 makes gravity kick in after a while so you see it particles are really getting slower.  As particles are falling down within the upstream, fluid sim will force the upstream down by collisions which leads to a funny effect. Falling fluid will win over upstream before it gets slow by drag till almost all particles slowed down by drag from first frames emission are down. Then the process starts again and you get kind of an impulse fluid emission ...





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