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Trails material Thickness not working

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I might be missing something, but when I apply a x-particles material with the size set to world, and a custom radius, to a spline, it works just fine.

But as soon as I apply this same material to a xpTrail, it seems to ignore this setting (see attached screenshot)

I hope this has a simple solution and I forgot to do something.


All the best,



Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 17.32.04.png

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In the Trail object, Thickness & Color quicktab, turn on 'No Thickness or Color Data'. If this switch is off (the default) the spline renderer will use thickness data stored in the trail, overriding the Size settings in the material. But if it is turned on, no thickness data is stored so the material works as expected.

And interestingly, that has found a bug we didn't know about. If you turn that switch on, play a few frames, then turn it off, Cinema will crash. So don't do that 🙂  We'll fix this in due course.



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