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luke harmer

HELP needed! Nearly finished it but need some advice. SOLVED

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Hi all,


I hope im posting in the correct place here. Ive only just started using C4D and X particles! What a piece of software?!

Anyway, now the grovelling begins. Im trying to create a concept vision for a client of a new HMI. This is a futures concept for a show car just to give you some context.

Now I've created a system of particles, which swirl and populate along a circular emitter. This creates a beautiful effect, one im really happy with. Additionally if i could figure out a way to specify where these swirls generate from id be winning.... But still....

What im now trying to do it use the particle emitter in the same way but populate along the top of a modelled surface. ( Images & projects attached ) I've really been struggling to do this so here i am, asking the MUCH better designer amongst me


Any help or advice you may have would be  H U G E L Y appreciated as im super stuck right now and starting to panic a little.


Thanks in advance everyone!

Much love x


Data Lines.PNG



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Martin Thank you so much!! Its greatly appreciated. Really helped get my head around the system.


I've created a new canvas, one that ive assigned emitters and follow surface to. I'm now having a strange issue where i want to create a duplicate of that but make the noise curl emitter more complex. Basically having two levels of curls where i can then animate a camera through them. the idea is that data and info is simple on the top level but more complex and the one below.

As you will see if tried doing this however all the emitters seem to be coming away from the surface? Tried multiple different ways but no joy...... Any ideas????

BE48_Data_Lines_Modified canvas2.c4d


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@luke harmer You have two systems in your scene, so modifiers from one system are affecting emitter from another system and vice versa. This will make a mess.

Select xpSystem > Object > General and check the 'Only Modifiers in Same System' checkbox.

You can also include/exclude particular modifier in your emitter (xpEmitter > Modifiers tab).

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