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Modifiers not working with xpShatter

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Hey all, 

Having a little bit of trouble with the new xpShatter, not sure if its something that i'm overlooking or its a bug. Hopefully someone here will be able to help. 

- So i have a cube with an xpCollider tag on it.

- I shoot a single particle from an emitter into that cube which activates a question which spawns another particle on the surface of the cube where it collides, the original particle is killed off.

- The spawned particle has no motion on it and is used in the xpShatter to spawn points and create the shatter.

- I've set the xpShatter to spawn particles so I can add modifiers to it.

- Now this is where i run into a problem. Any modifiers i add to the scene influence the shatter particles seem to have no effect. 


The idea behind this is i want to be able to create a modular set up where i can fire particles into geometry and have it only shatter around the area that it hits. Then i can make the shatter explode, disintegrate or whatever. 

So can anyone explain to me why my modifiers don't effect the shatter particles?



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