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Clear Materials Render Dark / Nearly Opaque

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I'm in the process of trying to switch my workflow from Cheetah 3d to Cinema 4d with Cycles4d. I have a sign model that I was testing this on because we have some literature that needs to be updated with new construction. All the of the stock materials that should have some transparency (Glass, Translucent, Transparent) when applied to my mesh aren't showing correctly in the IPR and after rendering. The scene is mostly lit with an HDRI using Greyscalegorilla's HDRI Link. I did put one area light in this scene to brighten it some. For some reason it's a lot darker with just the HDRI in C4d than it was in Cheetah 3d. But I'm not worried about that for now. 


Does anyone have any idea why these stock materials are behaving this way? I'm attaching the C3d render and then a screenshot showing the Cycles 4d IPR window. 





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