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Fracture Test - A couple questions

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I'm trying to experiment with some VFX destruction stuff with X-Particles.

I have a test shatter scene with the fragments being pulled upward by a gravity with falloff. It looks like this--


I'm trying to figure out how to make the fragments that fly up collide with each other so that the pieces don't intersect. 

Next, I'm trying to figure out how to spawn smaller debris particles from the inner faces of the fragments. 

I've attached the file.

Also -- What, besides caching the particles, can be done to speed up interactivity when building such a sim? This is just a simple cube, and it already makes the C4D UI feel incredibly heavy. I shudder to imagine trying to do this in a city destruction scene. Though that is what I'm ultimately trying to get set up. 

I see guys working in 3DsMax with much more complex scenes just flying through scenes like this like they are light as a feather. What is the difference and what can be done there?



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