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Can anyone work out how to make this beautiful liquid/marble image?

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Hello amazing people! 

Can anyone help us work out how best to tackle recreating this marble/liquid effect? 

We've been playing with displacement maps and getting some okay results but because we're using geometry we're a little limited by how complex  we can make the swirls. Also we haven't found the perfect mix of displacement. 

So now we're thinking down the lines of XP to make it. :classic_biggrin:

For the animation / motion of the image we've been given this awesome BBC 2 ident as a reference:


Any thoughts & help much appreciated!



blue marble.jpg

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Hi Tom,

I spent a loooong time researching how to do this for thin film on bubbles, that changes saturation over time, and gravity moved swirls down the bubble. There USED to be a 2D plugin for C4D that could be used to create this sort of pattern, which is no longer available and was very complicated to produce (no real manuals). I can’t find my reference to that at the moment. It was used in an mtv bubble ident about 5 years ago-ish.

Here is where I got to using multiple layered distortions in C4D. Would be interested to see if you get anywhere with this.




NEW and Improved.c4d

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Hey DBaker, 

big thanks! gonna have a play with your file, see if we can hack it to what we need. Thanks so much for uploading :classic_biggrin:

Shame that plugin isn't available that would be ideal. 

This is where our tests got to using a displacement map, a flat projected texture, and a ton of geometry:


Its not quite there as you can see. I wonder if the two techniques could be mixed somehow... i'll give it a try



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Ah, good find Tom – Just tried in R18, 19 and 20. Plugin doesn’t load. Maybe you have an older version of C4D installed?

Wish there were a way of getting this plugin, or at least some sort of 2D liquid in C4D. Let me know if you have any luck.



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