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Sync Particle Emission to Volume Desintegration

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I’m looking to have an object be blown away similar to granular advection. So, a block of snow that is disintegrated via a random field in a Volume Mesher. Then, where it is eaten away by the noise, it creates snowflakes on these points which are blown away with wind/turbulence. Reference would be the Aladdin logo to the new Disney movie, but with snow. 

At present, I am shot emitting within the volume and using a linear field and the same noise volume, but the particle group change (static > moving) doesn’t sync with the volume.

Is there a way of emitting particles at these surfaces?


Many thanks





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Ok, I got something to work:

I used the same animated noise texture (animated the white to black) in the luminance channel to break up (disintegrate) the meshed volume, and then used it the same texture to emit particles from.

To be honest, there’s so many snow particles flying off you don’t notice it being out of sync initially, but when there’s not much of the snow block left, it does emit from just those areas.

Hope that helps someone.



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