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Flowing Lava

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Hi guys,
I was wondering how to achive a flowing lava effect.

What I really try to find is a temperature parameter for the particles to drive the viscosity with it.
If I would hook up the age to the viscosity it wouldnt behave correct. I want for example the surface particles to cool down and slow down more than the core particles of the stream.
In the extended data>physical data tab is a temperature paramenter, but It feels like this is only for the xplosioafx object, or am I wrong?

I appreciate every hint..:)

Best, R.

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first thing - temperature is just a parameter named temperature and has nothing to do with real temperature in any respect. But you can use this of course in situations temperature gives a good imagination what should happen.

What I would do - just map speed to temperature and use a falloff to cool things down.  Can be any falloff so noise could be a good choice for you as well. The only problem I see is getting a stream that is thick enough so you can catch top particles for cool down only. I´ve made a simple flow in a channel to show the principle.  top particles within falloff cool down - you can see that from the gradient colour that is set to represent temperature and as they get colder, speed mod slows them down till they come to a stop as set in the mapping.



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