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Render Quality with Cycles 4D

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I am trying to render fire and smoke with Exploxia in an attempt to try and create some nebula kind of image. However my renders look

very pixelated and no matter how much I reduced the voxel size, nothing changes. The weird thing is that some areas of the render are smooth

as I would expect, but others look very bad. I attach an image where you can see what I mean. I cannot create a "smooth" fire and smoke. I

have follow the tutorials available in the Insydium page that explain how to use Exploxia, but I can never get smoke that smooth.

What am I doing wrong ?


By the way the newest Cycles 4D version makes Cinema 4D crash a lot. The previous version worked much better.


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How about an example file. I definitely get a lot of crashing but my render quality is good. I'd bet it is one of your setting or the Cycles4D material you have set up?

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