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ExplosiaFX + Voronoi Fracture

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Hello, guys!

I tried to make a powder explosion with ExplosiaFX and stuck with adding a smoke to my pushed apart voronoi's object.


So, how to add Explosia tag to generate smoke and fire from these parts?

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some things to consider.

1) you have to use  connect object as a parent for fracture  which gets the explosia emission tag.

2) guess you want to emit from inside faces only, so choose a fuel emission from texture that is limited to the inside faces.

3) for timimig some expresso is necessary. I have added one that starts emission upon impact. Duration of emission can be set within monoflop node ( fails if I use user data on this, no idea why) Amount of fuel can be set from switch node ...



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Can i ask you i more thing? Maybe it's a stupid questions, but how can i make a smoke scatter over time?

I have this:



But i'm trying to achieve powder explosion effect, so need to particles starts produce straight smoke and it scatter more over time, like this:


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