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Xp shatter issue. SOLVED

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As XpShatter allows for some great fx scenes, I was happy to see this added. Anyhoo i followed the xpshatter intro, and using the 6mins section . I created a thin cube, and made it a child of a xpshatter modifier. Enabled radial (shatters along xy plane - default) and then added an emitter, along with xpexplode.

And it only explodes on the xy plane not the z... What am i doing incorrectly ?

I'm also having the same issue with a spline object.

Scene file and image included



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Posted (edited)

your problem is that you set explode to act from "this modifier" and then placed the modifier in the centre of the object to be exploded. To get it act in Z direction, just move the explode modifier back in z ( your alignment is correct) and it will act as you expect. I added a cone field for limited influence as well


try some variation in explode speed, let´s say speed 300 and variation 200 and add a xpdynamics tag to get more realism.


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