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3 nodes available on more than 3 computers?

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Hi all!

Can I use my 3 personal render nodes at home (so 3 hardware with their own MAC address) but also the same render nodes (1 seat / 3 render nodes) in my office?
So not at the same time, not on the same network, but 6 MAC addresses in total for a license 1 seat / 3 render nodes.

I'm the only one user (1 seat) but I learn at home and work in my office 🙂



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Thanks Mike.

I tried yesterday at home and unfortunately Cycles detect the render node on the office server.
So It's not the seat (because it's my laptop) but the render node that need to be closed 😞 (server run 24/7)

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And it seems that I need to close the render node first and then close the seat... otherwise the render node stay on the list even if this render node is shutdown.
I don't know if it's possible, but can I have like 6 mac addresses... so "Cycles 4D Render Nodes Open: 6/3" and just choose 3 nodes in my Team Render Machines list.... ?

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