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Explosia Help For Beginners

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Hi guys, I am very new to XP and 3D in generally really, but have managed in the past to make good headway with Turbulence FD, but this is because I have managed to find a lot of tutorials that explain the mechanics of what parameter affects what, and I have to be honest I am struggling with Explosia FX because there seems to be a lack of tutorials out there on it, including from Insydium which is surprising considering the absolute wealth of info in the video manual on the other elements.

Now, I am not sure if I am being a donutt on this, so if I am I apologise, but there are basic things I am struggling with, such as how to increase the speed of the fuel to make the sim more violent or like a flame thrower. If someone could point me in the right direction, or Bob wants to create another of his amazing tutorials on this (Explosia FX for Dummies-esque) then it would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, Bob will be doing more tutorials in time as he can in the mean time have a go if you get stuck post files and let the community help. 
Discord is useful for realtime help and feedback we have a few users on there doing some good work with ExplosiaFX.

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I am in this same boat. I am trying to simulate this explosion effect: 


After many days of trial and error, I've gotten this effect thus far, but I had to result to using a poor quality video for my fire and smoke: 


However, there is only one tutorial out there when it pertains to X-Particles Explosia, Octane, etc., but that video does not discuss creating artificial containers for the explosions, simulating exhaust, etc. So much confusion on this feature in X-Particles and there is hardly any resources out there to learn, plus the community is pretty small which makes it even harder to learn. I'd be willing to pay someone for the time but even that I'm finding difficulty! 

Here's a simple file that strips all the internal modeling. If anyone from Insydium, the community would be willing to help, shoot me a reply here, my email Smith.Brandon@basco.com, or feel free to DM for my phone number as I'd like to move along on my project sooner than later:


Sorry if this technically hijacked the thread, but for a forum with only 10 total topics and one of them pertaining to the same issue I was having I figured it was OK to post here. 

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