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FluidFX - Follow container's movements

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Hey guys,

I have the a Null group that is animated on its Z axis. It contains :

- An Emitter (Emission mode Shot)

- A FluidFX Object

- A Cube with a Collider tag that has its "Normals" set to "Inside" (i.e. traps the fluids inside of it)

By frame 5 the fluid particles are laying on the floor, not moving. All works as intended.

Problem : The particles from my FluidFX do not move along with the Null's animation. Only the Emitter and the Cube (fluid container) do. The fluid particles' position seems fixed. This makes it so that once the end of the Cube reaches the fluid particles, they start being "shoved around" by their container.

Question : How do I avoid this? Is there any way I can have the fluid particles move along on the Z axis with the Null group parent?

Thanks a ton!

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Figured it out.

In the Emitter's "Emission" tab, there's a "Motion Inheritance" sub-tab. Saw it 100 times, never bothered to look into it. Just go to it and check "Use Motion Inheritance".


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