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Emitter Editing Tab Delete Points

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I'm running in a problem with the editing tab of the Emitter.

When I select the points, and press delete, or delete through the system menus it doesn't delete the points. But it does create a key frame when I move the points.

I'm following the introductory course "X-Particles 4 for Cinema 4D Essential Training" on Lynda, exploring some the features I missed over the years, and there Andy Needham does actacly the same and his points are deleted.

I feel like I'm missing something really basic here, but can't figure it out, any ideas on what I'm missing here?



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My guess is that you are using R20. There is a known problem in R20 which means that this operation (delete) does not work. This is not a bug in XP or the Insydium Bridge but is in C4D itself.

We aren't sure if this intentional or a bug in R20; we have approached Maxon for help with this but haven't had any comeback yet. In the meantime, unfortunately this is a limitation in R20 at the moment.



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Having this same problem, also in R20. Two months later has there been any word on when this will get fixed? It took a long time to get my sim to this point, so I'd rather not have to start over in R19 if a solution is on the way... Thanks!

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