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Hey there, just noticed that XP4 seems no longer support the calculation of a particles velocity when attached to an object.

I had previously in XP3.5 advected particles using Turbulence FD from a birds wings, which blew particles around in the direction of the wings. I need to again create the same effect and thought I would try ExplosiaFX as a replacement for Turbulence FD, but I wasn't able to generate any velocity from the particles.

I then reverted back to Turbulence FD using the same technique as before but it no longer works in XP4.

I'm assuming that since XP4 was a big change that some things don't work the way they used to, so I'm wondering is there a new way to achieve this effect?

Attached is a basic example of what I'm trying to achieve:




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I'm assuming you are using particles stuck to the object they are emitted from, is that correct? If so, the fact that it worked at all in XP3.5 was the result of an error in the emitter. Once that was fixed, this method no longer worked. Instead, we have the 'world speed' in XP4, which is the speed particles have when stuck to an object. You can test for this in the question object, for example.

I don't know what you wanted to do with the calculated speed, but hopefully the world speed will do it for you. If not - if something still does not work - report back here and we'll take a look at at it. You can find the world speed documented in the manual in the emitter extended data tab page.



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Hi Steve,

Yes I am using particles stuck to an object.

I just gave it a go using the world speed option in the extended data tab but still no luck. It still only emits from the particle but ignores the velocity.

I've attached a basic scene file:


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I have the same trouble, can't get Xparticles velocity data to set "particle emission intensity" in TFD ,  build 4.0.0642  

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