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Hannes Weikert

Crashing C4D R20 XP 4*642 SOLVED

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we have C4D R20 with the license server and a few xp linsences.
My machine is running on windows 10. C4d is opening fast and normal, XP ready to use. All good so far.
After a few minutes working c4d crashes. Szene dosent matter, it can be a easy one just one emitter or a complex one.
I cant recreate the crash, it just happens randomly.
Yesterday i was totally upset and so i changed my computer. Also Windows10, R20 new uodate, XP4 lattest update.
With the new computer i was able to work for 6 hours without any crashhing. Some hours ago it stated again crashing all the time after a few minuts of working.
It seems the new computer was okay for a while but on some point it broke. Haha.
Restart dosent help.

Is there some help please?
Best, Hannes

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I'm having similar issues. after crash I have to restart computer to get C4d to work again at all. Did anyone get back to you with what the problem was / is?

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tried to re-Install Xparticles. the problem goes away for sometimes but then it happens again.

it freezes and then it crashed. I even tried to test a simple project. no generator what so ever, it crashed randomly

someone help me :(

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11 hours ago, Mike Batchelor said:

any problems like this please contact technical support or use the bug reporter.

Thanks Mike.

I emailed them and follow their instructions by deleting the preferences on my c4d and re-Install x particles again.

so far it is working! I don't have that problem anymore. 🙂


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