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Pin Tag?

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Hello. I'm brand new to this form and the Insydium community.

For whatever reason, I tried to follow along step by step with the "video manual" - Dynamics > xpClothFXDynamics video and I couldn't get the cloth to pin to the cylinder as it doesn't pin/work - it does not pin to the cylinder. One thing I noticed is that the tutorial looks like it was made for an earlier version of Xp/C4D ~ This is clear to see in the pulldown menus.

Does anyone have a quick correction for this? I can't seem to figure it out. I am a beginner and find it difficult to figure out these hiccups with the tutorials on my own.  I'd really appreciate it. Also, should I be aware of any future hiccups in the video manuals or tutorials?

Thanks so much. I love this stuff. Looking forward to sharing what I learn as well. Qadir.

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Make sure your pin object has matching vertices that you want to pin.

Also needs to be a polygonal object, so hit C on it after you've added enough points. 

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