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Thin Fluid VDBMesher?

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Hello, I have had XP for 6 months now and have gotten pretty familiar with it, but I still struggle with thin VBD from my fluids. In the still I included The Insydium video the seem to easily create this thin sheet using the xpSheeter and the OVDBMesher. I included my project file hoping someone can look at it. I understand in the OVDBMesher there you have to adjust the Point Radius and  Voxel size. But as I start to make them smaller it just turns in to individual geometry blobs around the particles and the sheeting is gone.  Can someone look at the file and let me know what I an doing wrong? Thank you!

Blood Splash.c4d

Screenshot 2020-10-11 085015.png

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Looking at all the posts that have gone unanswered there seems to be a lack of support in this forum?

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@Lwik INSYDIUM Online is not used for any official support and is an online platform, with the aim of users of our software providing each other with help and advice. 


If you have a request for Technical Support, please send this through to the team using the contact form below:


We also have our Discord channel where other users can be asked for advice and assistance:


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Nathan, thank you. The Discord is really a hit and miss for answers. I use Discord with Clarisse ifx, tech people and the owner are there and replies happen pretty quick to all questions. But with the x-particles discord, some question just go unanswered there, like this forum. I would think with how complex and vast X-Particles is there would be someone one monitoring these to answer question without having to reach out to technical support.


Love the software, it's just easy to get lost using it.



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