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xpCover is still active even though it is DISABLED

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I have an xpCover, that for some reason, is still active even though it is DISABLED. 
In the sample file below, the xpCover is diabled at Frame 51. By then the particles should fall down with the help of xpGravity.
But as you can see, the particles are still stuck at the xpCover. 


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I tried xpCover affecting only a certain group. Have the emitter change group. 
And the particles still covers the surface. 

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There is no way this will work. What happens when the particles stick to the object is that an internal flag is set in the particle telling it that it is stuck. Disabling the modifier won't clear that flag.

The way to do this is to make the modifier action-controlled. Activate it at frame 0 then deactivate at frame 51. That will clear the flag and the particles will be released. I've changed your scene to show this.




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Hi @Steve Pedler

Thanks. Works as expected. Thanks for your further clarification. 
Is it possible to add your statement on the documentation http://docs.x-particles.net/html/coverfillmod.php ?
For future users. 

The reason is I use the weight modifier to handle the ON/OFF of the strength of the modifier. 
It's handy since they are all in one track, but again it doesn't work on the xpCover modifier. 
So having a disclaimer that it will only work as a modifier action-controller would be nice. 

Have a great day ahead!


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