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C4D Subframe Emission from Bone objects not working.

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I'm attempting to emit particles from a biped skeleton animation. Actual skin/geometry isn't necessary for this scene, I'm actually just rendering the bones. 


When setting Xparticles to emit from the polygon surface of my bone objects, it works great except there's no subframe emission. Pic attached.


I've checked that subframe emission is enabled, and tried every imaginable subframe emission step in project settings > XParticles.

I've attempted to generate geometry from the bones, and emit from that, however all the auto weighting is glitched out, distorts and doesn't track to the rig well. There might be some bigger underlying problem with the way my bones are animated because no geometry will skin correctly. Even weighting something 100% to one joint, the geometry still distorts all over the place.... but I digress.


Subframe emission works great on any real geometry, just not bones, apparently. Anyway, to avoid a complete rebuild of my animation with real geometry, I'm hoping there's a way to make this work. Any ideas?




subframe emission.jpg

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There's no way we can look at this without a scene file, sorry. I'd suggest you file a bug report including a scene (please keep it as simple as possible - this is important) and then we can look at it.


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