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Soft Body sim geometry

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this is an old question i cannot find an answer to:

xparticles contraints works pretty good to create a soft body sim. for example this bouncy mug 


but then when i am done with the simulation i really dunno how to render it.

vdb mesher is 90% of the time not what i want  (it requires to much resolution to have  a good mesh, also if my object have textures its a problem)

using the cloth engine is out of the picture as well.  xp cloth gives  worst results in this cases in longer times. 


the  ideal thing for me would be to have something like the c4d mesh deformer for xparticles. is there any way i can attach my geometry to my simulation? thx!



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just try to raise iterations to let´s say 50 and not only substeps  within preferences

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