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SOS i need build 742 version now, plase!

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I can't use the new versions because of the Microsoft Visual Studio stuff, because i unfortunately updated my XP. I have a work what i must do in the weekend, but without the OVDBMesher i can't do it.
So if someone have an older build  - for example the 742 - plaese send me as soon as poosible!

Thank you very much!
I am in truble without help.



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I think i need a much older version than the 742. I don't know wich one. Some very old XP4.

Unfortunately i have some eastern european character in my user profile in Windows, and the newer builds have some change that make a problem with it and some of the features - for examplre the OVDBMesher - doesn't work.
Unfortunately now is weekend and there is no XP support, and no IT support to make the change on my this PC (i can't manage it alone because it is in a windows domain).
I dont't know what to do. XP skinner is no way to use for complex water simulation.

I hope it is not against the rules. I have a license, but i have no other option but to please others to help.
This work must be finished for Monday morning.


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