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OVDB Mesher (Transfer Point Color)

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I've got this grid pattern that shows up on my OVDB Mesh when I use the "Transfer Point Color" option. I think I went to use the option like 6 months ago on another project and ran into the same thing.


Has anyone seen this before. If I need to, I'll upload my project, but really did want to go through that, cache in all.


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This is a limitation of the way VDB reads the data but a fix for this one is change the voxel size to 1 and the point radius to 1 and it should clean it up, Half Width is also used to clean up these but for this sim it has no effect.


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I stumbled onto this conversation via a Google search so I'm a tad late to the party. I noticed that following the reference manual for creating a Cycles4D material to use this technique gives terrible colors. The manual recommends using a Color Ramp Node but this produces colors which are way off. The Attribute Node (and creating this by just dragging your Color Vertex Tag into the Node Window) gives very accurate colors. See the attached file.

To color your xpOVDBMesher this way is really handy.

xpOVDBMesher Transfer Point Color.c4d

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