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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, Would like to have xptrails draw at a certain frame but not straight away or draw when the emitter collides with the floor. I've tried animating the trail length at a certain frame but that doesn't work. What I'm after is when the emitter hits the ground, I would like the trails to then be visible so I can use the xpskinner to draw them only on the collision or at a certain frame. At the moment it draws all the way along as it falls. Any ideas? Splat.c4d
  2. Is it possible to do this and if so, how? I've checked the manual and it has no mention of Alembic, I can't seem to do it using C4D's alembic exporter but it seems as if it should be possible to save xpTrails as an Alembic spline. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks so much for your time.
  3. kenroga

    Random material

    How could I create a material so that the different paths created by "xpTrail" get a random color of a gradient? Regards.
  4. Hi Insydium-Team, is it not possible to write an Alembic with "Bake as Alembic" on a xpTrail? I even tried it with a Sweep Nurbs and xpTrail in it but i get only a "Null Alembic" as result. Any ideas? Cheers, Marco
  5. Hi! First time poster. I'm stuck with xpFollowSpline. In one case I have an emitter where the particles follow a normal xpTrail created by 2 other particles. And it works great. In my second case I have another xpFollowSpline, and those particles by a new emitter are following an xpTrail with Segmented Sequence. in this case the particles don't stick on the spline like the they do with the first one. I looks like the use the Algorithm option on the xpFollowSpline doesn't make it work. Is there a way to make the particles stick on the created Segmented Sequence splines? (blue particles in added c4d file) I hope somebody can help me out Thanks in advance! /a safran_helix.c4d
  6. Hello everyone. I'm very new to XP so I'm sorry if this questions seems very dumb. I have an xpTrail with an XP Material and my objective it's to increase its size (thickness) in the material when rendering. When I scale the size in the XP Material nothing happens. Any particular reason? I've added the XP Material to the emitter and when I increase the size it works so I'm thinking that probably i'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance. Regards