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Found 2 results

  1. Try as I might, and I might, I cannot replicate this semi-tutorial (5;15 - 9:41) (see below) The tutorial is not fully explained and I'm stuck. My goal is to emit particles with trails from an object, have the particles stop, thus making the trails a particular length, and then have both the object and the trails be affected by dynamics, specifically turbulence, all the while keeping the trails from floating off the object. Think of a neuron with tendrils coming out of it's body, floating in goo. Does anyone know what all those tags are that are attached to the xpTrail object? Knowing what those are might help me in dissecting the workflow in the video. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Imagine a subdivided editable cube dropping onto a surface using rigid body dynamics. Using xyDynamics Can anyone tell me why my xpDynamics mesh object is deforming on collision? I want rigid body dynamics, not soft body. Rigidity is set to 100 percent. The maid body of the mesh remains rigid, but at the point of impact, the vertices bunch-up. Making the radius bigger in the dynamics tag causes the mesh to float above the collision surface when the dynamics mesh comes to rest. Thanks Mick