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Found 2 results

  1. I tried to create a dynamic rosary. but I'm experiencing weird behavior from XParticles. It contains a spline as a string and several rosary pieces in a cloner. both have an xpDynamic tag on them. problem is the scene does not update automatically. I have to play... pause... move the camera to update the dynamics. (seems like an app bug) the main problem though, is rosary pieces are not colliding with each other. they all overlap. I tried to solve it using xpConstrains and PPColision with no luck. Any advice? p.s. project file attached xp-dynamic-trobleshot.c4d
  2. Hello, guys! I've been playing with the 14 trial days to see if I can add X-Particles to my inventory, but I'm stuck with this super simple dynamic simulation, and I hope someone can help me through. So, I've made a simple dynamic scene with C4D bullet and tried to replicate it with xDynamics. In C4D dynamics, it works as intended and simulates really fast, even with many clones, whereas in X Particles, using xpDynamics + xpCollider, I'm getting a pretty slower output, and I can't seem to make the particles collide in the same way as the bullet case. I've already tried xpPPCollisions, messing with "push" slider on xpDynamics tag, increasing subframe steps and iterations in X Particles project settings, but nothing gets me a result better than my object vertices scattering all around when colliding. I'm sharing a video and the project file to anyone interested. Thanks! 2019-11-04_10-03-55.mp4 bullet&xpDynamicsDiff.c4d