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Found 3 results

  1. I am using the manual time option in the cached playback tab, based off of the Mario Tran Phuc FMX 2018 video. However, when I slow it down the sim looks like it is stepping one frame to the next. I have an xpcache on my cloth object and emitter. I am using a redshift tag and renderer if that matters. Also the cloth object is in a cloth surface with subdivision. FPS in document and render settings are both the same (24). Is there a setting to be tweaked that will smooth out the interpolation between frames?
  2. I there a cache expert around I've a scene which I have cached; let's say 200 frames. Now I would like to extend my scene 30 frames. No problem I though. Extend the scene and click continue when the cache window pop-up. No way. The frame 201 is like an explosion of particles. Same behaviour if I stoped in middle of a caching and restart to finish. Did I miss something. Is it intended to work and by the way. Any idea how to cache xpDynamics. I was not able to 😞 Thank you
  3. I've cached a simple XP scene of flowing particles that have some turbulence, wind and drag. When I view the scene in the editor it looks great. I want to slow down the simulation for super slow motion, so I have modified the cache time scale to 5%. It looks great in the editor when I review/play. However, when I go to render with Cycles 4D, each frame is completely different from the last as if the seed is changing every frame- no relationship to the speed change I made and successfully see in the editor view. Any thoughts on why rendering is malfunctioning? Any scale other than 100% or -100% produces this render error.