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Found 9 results

  1. Imagine a subdivided editable cube dropping onto a surface using rigid body dynamics. Using xyDynamics Can anyone tell me why my xpDynamics mesh object is deforming on collision? I want rigid body dynamics, not soft body. Rigidity is set to 100 percent. The maid body of the mesh remains rigid, but at the point of impact, the vertices bunch-up. Making the radius bigger in the dynamics tag causes the mesh to float above the collision surface when the dynamics mesh comes to rest. Thanks Mick
  2. 70026F18-8A97-4513-8098-02B4BF8A2D3B.mp4 Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve been trying to get something of a blood trickling. But it’s not perfect yet. Im Not sure if I’m going about it the right way. But I’m slowly getting there. In this case I want the blood trickling up. Not a lot but like maybe one or two streams. Typically blood leaves a residue trail as well. Not sure how I’ll go about get that just yet. But check what I’ve done so far. It’s working off a follow surface with an infector and an openvdb. With some gravity to have it raise up. AA1FFD6F-2A20-4256-813B-E4373A33A47D.mp4 AA1FFD6F-2A20-4256-813B-E4373A33A47D.mp4
  3. Anyone has any insight on xp4 performance? Im trying to find out what would be the best CPU to simulate, i read that some functions are not multithreaded, but most are. However there are reports of people running dual 2699 xeon that are not having "massive" performance. Is there any optimal point? e.g. High ghz vs cores edit: more concrete. What would i buy. respectively core / clck / cinebench single/multi Intel i9 9900K 8 3.6 218 2077 AMD Threadripper 1950X 16 3.4 166 3062 Any insight would be welcome
  4. Greetings, Is it possible to spawn new XpSystems as we spawn new particles? Say we have encapsulated in one XpSystem all the logic of an independent dynamic particle module. What would be the most reasonable solution in Cinem 4d to emit multiple of these dynamic modules? Obviously xpGenerator is there for simpler objects and baking this module to an alembic object would make it non dynamic. Thank you!
  5. hey everyone. Could anyone please help me out, i am looking to be able to create a sewing/ knitting effect with xp. I cant seem to find much on the subject
  6. Hi, I have two emitters with a gravity modifier. The first one has 2000 mass and the other has 1 mass. But they fall exactly the same. I tried the density on the fluid tab but it still works as is. I don't want to use separate gravity modifier for each emitter. It's a bit counter-intuitive. Am I missing something or is there a way around this? Thank you for looking at the problem
  7. Does anyone know how to render particles when they're set up as arrows in Particle Display? They come as circles Hope that makes sense Thank you
  8. Heya everyone, Came across this annoying little thing during some rnd phase of creating a scale growth particle system. whenever i increase the substeps to more than a value of 1 the starting scale of the particles when outside of the falloff does not sit at a value of 0 instead it will start at a medium value between the min and max of the xpScale mod. Any ideas why the substep is causing this scale issue ? I've attached the file, change the substep to 2 and things dont seem to work. Cheers Guys! Hand Particle Random.c4d
  9. High, i am new here, i need your help, i am using demo version of xparticles and i used xplosia dynamics but it did not show up in the picture viewer, therefore i could not able to render it, is there any available method how to render it? thank for your replies