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Found 3 results

  1. Having a problem creating a dust simulation for the background of a scene. I've created a basic rectangle emitter beside the screen which is 10,000cm^2 (have tried increasing and reducing this size but results are all the same). However these particles once emitted all seem to kill themselves once they reach a certain distance within the scene, and it is the same distance for all. There are no kill modifiers set, and its not the clipping distance of the camera/scene as it is the same distance in all 3 dimensions that it cuts off at. Is there an in built emitter range within X-Particles that kills them once they reach a certain border? And if so, is there any way around this? I do have quite a large scene, but i'd prefer to keep it to scale than having to reduce everything down. Cheers
  2. Hallo everybody, there is a way to create this effect using a custom shape instead the spheres default? Here can you see screenshot, and I attached a basic project file. What I'dl like to obtain is changing default plarticles sphere with , for examples, letters, or numbers or star shapes... Thanks for a glad reply! Chapert 010 Particle waterfall.c4d
  3. Hello! I am having the hardest time finding out how to do something I think is a simple request... I have a cached sim. It happens at the center of the scene. I want to move the cached sim to somewhere else in my scene without having to re-simulate and re-cache. When I move the cache (or the emitter, for that matter) nothing happens. It stays right where it was. Is there something I am missing here? Any hints or comments would be very helpful. Thank you! Perry