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Found 5 results

  1. mdouglas

    Smoke color from texture/UV?

    I have an object that's emitting particles, and I've figured out how to make the particle colors based on the object's texture. I would like the particles to have a smoke/dust/chalky look. It seems like I may need to use Explosia, but can that also emit based on the texture color? (I need it to emit the colors based on the UVs). Or can I go without Explosia and get a similar smoky look (maybe using the X-Particles Material set to Volumetric)? I tried following along with the Insydium video tutorial for Explosia but can't get it to show up/render. I'm using C4D S22 with the latest X-Particles and Cycles4D. Thanks!
  2. vfx_monkey

    XP Skinner Texture

    I have my particles and texture setup by using emit from texture (object, but want to use a skinner or VDB mushers to create a mesh and liquid effect. The problem is once i create the mesh, I lose my texture/image info. The question is, how can I texture my mesh with an image etc. so that when the particles are affected, or appear to melt , my detailed object will look like its melting. Using Octane to render but I also have cycles.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to emit from a texture and use the brightness of the image to offset the position the particles? Similar technique to using the 'xp scale' modifier and mapping the radius of the particles to the brightness of the image. Thanks.
  4. Hello People from the Interweb, I need help: i am trying to emit from various animated Textures that will finally be applied to an Alembic Model of a walking Person. I want the Particles to FOLLOW the Animation of the texture. Right now particles are emitted on the first frame and then they stick to the Model. Ideas ? An example scene is attached. Alembic_texture_Emit_0001.c4d
  5. I'm new to cycles, and I'm trying to understand how to create a texture/material that looks like water drops on a can. Any suggestions?