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Found 8 results

  1. Easysteamst

    Realistic fire Explosia Fx

    Hello. Not so long ago I began to study explosia fx and therefore I ask you for help. I need to create a realistic fire in a wood burning stove. I want to achieve something like in the screenshots. Iā€™m trying to copy all the settings as in the official lessons of the Insidium, but unfortunately, the render produces something different from the desired result. I am enclosing a screen of what I saw, but for some reason the rendering of this project does not start for me (just a black screen).
  2. ignacio197

    Render Quality with Cycles 4D

    I am trying to render fire and smoke with Exploxia in an attempt to try and create some nebula kind of image. However my renders look very pixelated and no matter how much I reduced the voxel size, nothing changes. The weird thing is that some areas of the render are smooth as I would expect, but others look very bad. I attach an image where you can see what I mean. I cannot create a "smooth" fire and smoke. I have follow the tutorials available in the Insydium page that explain how to use Exploxia, but I can never get smoke that smooth. What am I doing wrong ? By the way the newest Cycles 4D version makes Cinema 4D crash a lot. The previous version worked much better.
  3. Hi.- I have a simple scene of particles with constraints, I see the constraints in the Perspective view but when I try to render in Cycles 4D they are not visible. It is possible to render ? I need to add some node to the material of the particles to be able to render them ? Thank you very much in advance... Best Regards Mauro Di Giulio.
  4. alexandreh


    Hello on new release of x-particle, there is the new generator xpDisplayrender. How I can render it in Cycle 4D? In the tuto they said we can render it with c4d Hair material. So I tried it with no result. A spline is rendered but when I put the hair material in the Particles Displayrender it's not showing up? Have you any idea ? Thank you
  5. Hello, Does anyone knows if there is a way of adding different scenes/projects to a Cycles4D render queue? I'm using Cinema4D R19 and I was hoping to find somthing similar to RenderQueue
  6. So I am trying to set up a render and the Real time view looks good but the final render image has what appears to be a post effect applied to it that is blowing out the look . *(Real time on the left)
  7. Does anyone know how to render particles when they're set up as arrows in Particle Display? They come as circles Hope that makes sense Thank you
  8. Hi Insydium, can we do material override with exclusions options? need some creative options here šŸ™‚ ie: currently, the material override overrides all the materials, including all illumination planes / lighting objects, which is not that usefull. thanks